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Red skies thinking

Techno digest. Smart issue. Utility meters, hackers, cyber-attacks, missives and missiles amiss
The world’s most advanced digital society – Estonia
Iceland - they can
The Thermopylae
Killing fields, oilfields and Aphrodite’s gas field. Foreign policy commentary
'Deal or no deal?' for Greece: more like 'Shaft or be shat on'
Syriza. Greek politics
Podemos. Spanish politics
Riley and Master

Ken Loach's 'I, Daniel Blake' - review. BAFTA award for best British film.
'Sunset Song' - book and film review. Link to 1971 TV series
'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell
Joe Hill
Guernica: La Guerra 80 years on.
Felicia Browne
Brigadista Ale
The battle of Cable Street, October 1936
The Lucas Plan
Grunwick - 40 years on
Dusk, Slains Estate

A Latin/South American and Caribbean digest.
Victor Jara
Jose Mujica
CAP in handouts: murdering birds on the moors.
Eigg. 'Making the remote central'.
Dr Fox and the chicken
TTIP - a toxic trade treaty. As with the next post, this article was also published on the CommonSpace rolling news site
Human Rights Act. Scottish political commentary, the SNP and foxes
New Putney Debates
The battle of Grangemouth, Ineos, the Forties pipeline and Apache Corporation
Forties Charlie

Apache and Abellio - asset disposals
Haltenbanken - North Sea dramas
Shell - Arctic drilling
New Colonialism
The Indus civilisation.
Oil company discovers reserves of 3 billion barrels in Democratic Republic of Congo
Oil exploration in Virunga National Park
Contango - oil trading
Cowboys and Native Americans unite on the route of the Keystone XL pipeline
Standing Rock Sioux and the Dakota Access pipeline
Oil stories from the Cromarty Firth
Transocean Winner. Rig on the rocks.
Peterhead Power Station - our carbon capture future?
The Road to Paris. Climate change conference.
Earth, Wind & Fire – unco gas news
Peterhead Power Station - a carbon capture future?

Ineos at Grangemouth - crackers and fracking
What the frack?
Masdar, near Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Slapper Trump's offensive. Disturbing views
Hywind Scotland. Floating windfarm pilot park 30K offshore from Peterhead
Tidal energy - the flagship MeyGen project. Turbines in the Pentland Firth
Small modular reactors
Nuclear fusion - 'Years in Provence'
Balmoral estate hosts World Nomad Games 2017
Sand Loch

World Nomad Games 2016
Sheila Stewart, a great traditional folk singer and storyteller
Romani gypsies

Collieston blogspot - forviemedia (50). Personal writing, closer to home and heart.

Marischal Square, Aberdeen
Provost Skene's House and Marischal College

Utopia. A search for Scotland
We don't do TalkTalk anymore.
Tony Cox, welfare rights activist from Dundee
'Ye cannae kick oor village aff the bus' - the last Saturday bus service into Collieston
Aberdeen Harbour – the oldest existing business in Britain
Rubislaw Quarry
Combs and Crombie coats - two success stories from Aberdeen's industrial past
Christy Moore, 'La Quinta Brigada'
The Crucible
Crombie factory

To Kill a Mockingbird - review of stage performance. Obituary: Harper Lee 1926-2016.
Commoners Choir
Public Service Broadcasting @ True North: 'They gave me a lamp'
Billy MacKenzie: 'Voice of an angel'
Shine on you crazy diamond. Review of Pink Floyd play. A Play, a Pie and a Pint
City of Ghosts: a dialogue with George Washington Wilson
100 Weeks of Scotland
Place names and pronunciations
Ralph Steadman
Robert Capa - 'Falling Soldier'
HMS Hawke
Gold salvage from HMS Edinburgh
Funeral songs - the ultimate box set
Denture Queen - song titles that change as we age
Aberdeen Bay from the trig point

Rock against Racism
Michael Clark Company: Animal / Vegetable / Mineral
Scotland - the promised land
Hamish Henderson
Jackie Kay, novelist and poet, our third Makar.
Fittee shed

Visions of Johanna: Ellon's illustrious Johanna Basford
Shed uploads
Haddo Estate donates elms to sustain HMS Victory
Untitled (sic). Ecotown planned for Upper Deeside estate. Posted 1st April 2014.
Old Pretender, Peterhead Tricentenary
Indian Peter - a captivating tale
The Iron Lady and the Iron Lung mannie
David Bowie 1947 - 2016
Joni Mitchell. Pilgrimer - a re-imagining of 'Hejira'
The Velvet Underground
Cooking the Books
Politics of Oil & Gas Conference at Kings College, Old Aberdeen. 'I must get out more'
Apple tree of learning

'Ping ping merrily I’m high', Nigella Lawson poem
'Ode to the Coast' - John Cooper Clarke poem
The Collieston Clearances - sheep wreck route to the sea
Sochi Winter Olympic Games
Drawers, knockers, a beanbag and plughole
PC Solutions. It's a scam.
Aberdeen Voice article - forviemedia mission statement.