Online since 2004, forviemedia combines news, articles and images - clicks of mice and shutter buttons at my fingertips, strong views, pivotal moments in time not wasted.

News & Editorial and Links are refreshed daily. Nothing endures but change. The audience is taking the stage - site content reflects Scotland's (movement) politics, causes and campaigns. Features include global issues, (shady) characters, some shaggy dog stories, ramblings, Green and Nature tourism, produce and products, the Scottish weather, public transport, pubs, eateries, North Sea Oil and renewables, events, exhibitions, festivals, heritage, history, sport, film, theatre, citizen journalism (the Fifth Estate), writers, musicians, artists and photographers.

The site serves as a stock library for photographs - every picture can tell a story. Over 400 images are displayed in the eight Galleries. The slideshow opposite offers a flavour of each gallery.

I use Analytics as a tool to track traffic flow and for the compilation of visitor statistics. No personal details are collected or stored. Pageviews acts as a hit parade indexing popular pages, added images, new text, YouTube content and social media. My archived articles, several covering energy issues, accompany appropriate photos in the galleries or are showcased in Blogs. Links to other blogs and websites are tested; the material therein is checked, though not necessarily countenanced.

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