Forviemedia has been online since 2004. This current format was launched in May 2012. I combine topical news-orientated articles and images - clicks of mice and shutter buttons, strong views. It's a world at my fingertips, time not wasted. My News & Editorial and Links sections are refreshed and change constantly.

The Links page reflects site content - Scots and politics, campaigning, Indyref September 18th 2014, Green and Nature tourism, walks, dogs, Grampian products, weather, public transport, hostelries, industries, energy - in particular North Sea Oil and renewables, exhibitions, events, contacts, science, history, heritage, humour, sport, film, theatre, music, artists, writers and photographers.

This site serves as a stock library for photographs. Every picture tells a story. 350+ images are displayed in 8 Galleries. The slideshow displayed on this page presents a flavour of each gallery. Discerning visitors spend on average 6 minutes viewing this site. I use analytics to track traffic, not any personal details. Pageviews is a parade of hits indexing popular pages, added images, new text and Comments.

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